Thursday, February 25, 2010

I talked to the folks in Slidell today. It appears they have 6 homes lined up for us to work on. In one home the team must empty the contents of the house into storage units (PODS), we will then gut the entire home in preparation for rebuild. Job 2 will consist of hanging and mudding out drywall. Job 3 will entail installing trim, building a countertop, trim painting, and finish plumbing. Job 4 is ceramic floor and countertop installation. Job 5 is a bit "scratchy" (all pun intended) as the team will install insulation and drywall in an entire home. Job 6 will be finish work for electrical, installation of receptacles and fixtures.
This is the plan --- However, God is in charge and all of this is subject to change!
Snow? Who said something about snow? We'll need to keep an eye for that ole groundhog in our travels!
Peace to all of you,
Pray for the team.


  1. blessings to all of you!!!! be safe and reach many with Gods word!!! a special hello and blessing to Gracie Ort!!! we love u!!

    aunt wanda and elijah


  2. We hope your first day of travel went well. It looks like you'll be keeping busy. You are all in our prayers and may all you meet see Jesus (like in the children's moment last Sunday). We'll try to keep the snow up here with us, but we really don't want any more of it either!
    In God's Love,
    Karen, Vernon, and Emily

  3. Hi Kelsey and Brit from Emily!!!!

  4. Hi everyone. I hope you had a safe journey. We will keep you in our prayers through out the week! Have a great week and God bless you all!~ Emily S.

  5. hello again everyone!!!i am tammy's sister. i don't know many of you but i hear my sister speak of you often (her church family) i know how much these mission trips mean to her.she shares afterward how close to Jesus and our Mother she feels when doing the work of Christ!!! and now how blessed she is to have her daughter kelsey (gracie) with her!!!! know that my prayers are with each of you to experience a God moment of your own during this mission trip!!!! Blessings to all!!!!!

    a special hello to mine and elijahs gracie!!!!


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