Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Final preparations

Greetings Dear Friends,
The York District UMC mission trip to Slidell, LA is in the final stages of preparation. Wow, the weather looks great! Sunny with temps in the mid 50's to possibly 60! -- in Slidell that is. We have 43 volunteers representing 10 different churches participating in this outreach project! I am continually amazed at the "talents" God brings together to be "His hands and feet" as we show the love of Jesus Christ in the community.
Thanks for being on board with us and stop back here often for (hopefully) daily updates and pictures of the team as they serve. Even from home you are a vital part of this mission, please be in prayer for the team as we travel and serve our Brothers & Sisters in Slidell and all along the journey.
In His service,
The Slidell Team


  1. Nice beginning thoughts, God is leading us so we can move forward knowing that his will be done!

  2. hello everyone!!! by the looks of your photos you will be plenty busy this week!!! well blessings to all and again a special blessing and BIG HUG to gracie ort from aunt wanda and elijah,we love u!!!!!!

    wanda morrell and elijah,

    God Bless!!!!!

  3. well hope everyone is holding up well i am sure God is making sure of it!!! your week is almost at an end and i am sure you wish you could just stay a little longer to finish somethings,but i am sure God has the finishers already lined up to follow your leads!! just take heart in knowing that God is smiling down on each of you saying job well done my servents(just like you will hear him say to each of you in Heaven!!!)well Blessing for a perfect ending to your week.again a special hello and blessings and another BIG HUG to gracie ort from none other than aunt wanda and elijah!!!we love u!!!

    wanda morrell